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    Water Rocket Launcher

    This page describes our water rocket launchers.

    Launcher Version 1.0 with Gardena standard hose connector. It was built ad hoc to launch our fist rockets. Four tent pegs prevent it from tipping over.

    Launcher Version 1.1
    Improvements: Smooth-running release mechanism and optional guide rods.
    Weakness: Around 10 bar it started leaking due to poor fitting of the valve (inside the pipe)

    Launcher Version 1.2
    Improvements: Launch abort valve, water-level for horizontal alignment and a soldered bicycle valve. Max. pressure 14 bar
    Weakness: With the short piece of yellow garden hose it is hard to align the rocket vertically.

    Launcher Version 1.3
    Improvements: Pressure gauge, threaded hose connector (supersedes the garden hose) and non-return valve with an universal adapter (supersedes the bicycle valve). Now any kind of pressure source can be connected easily.

    There are many tutorials on the web. Here is one example.